About us

Nika Consult is an international marketing communication agency that specialises in delivering highly effective and cost-efficient marketing solutions.
We are a 'bilingual' agency in the broadest sense - we live and work in London and Moscow and have an in-depth understanding of Russian and Western business practice and culture.
Our team has extensive experience in the roles of both client and agency, so we have excellent understanding of how to best integrate the different roles in the client-agency relationship.
We have a proven track record of launching and developing a diverse range of services and products for both multi-national clients and smaller enterprises.
The first and most important thing we do is listen. When we fully understand our client's requirements, we can then provide the optimal marketing solution.
We are a small team that, when necessary, can call on a network of specialists to ensure a bespoke cost-efficient service delivered under our supervision and quality control.
We care about what we do. For every project or budget, we promise energy, inspiration and creativity to help our clients achieve the results they seek.
Technology is changing every day, but the future is with people. Building relationships through learning, sharing and teamwork is at the heart of everything we do. The testament to this philosophy is the strong network of ongoing working relationships we have built up internationally and within Russia.


My years at Nike taught me to think differently and insist on excellence. This is the philosophy with which I run Nika Consult.”

Lyuba Galkina,

Founder/Managing Director,